Annual General Meeting

Notice to Members


Sunday 30th October 2022

REGISTRATION: 9.00am | Meeting: 10.00am

Venue: Caboolture Sports Club – Grevillea Room

We are calling for nominations for Board of Directors representatives from the Rugby, Softball and General Member classes of membership.

Board of Directors member nomination packs are available from the Caboolture Sports Club Foyer from Monday 10th October 2022 and must be returned by 5pm on Sunday 23rd October 2022.

All nominees for the Caboolture Sports Softball Association, Caboolture Rugby Union QLD, and General Member representatives must be a financial member in their class of membership with CSC Group.

Nominations must have a proposer and seconder, who are also financial members in the same class of membership with CSC Group.

Please contact the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Danny Finch for further information regarding these positions.


  1. Opening of the Annual General Meeting
  2. Apologies and Proxies
  3. Adoption of Minutes of the Previous Meeting
  4. Chairman’s Report – Adoption of the Annual Report
  5. Directors’ Statement
  6. Annual Accounts & Auditor’s Statement
  7. Appointment of the Auditors
  8. Election of the Office Bearers
  9. General Business

PLEASE NOTE: No general business will be accepted from the floor.

Any general business to be placed on the agenda must be submitted in writing to the Chairman seven days prior to the meeting, by 5pm on Sunday 23rd October 2022.

Proxy Votes: All “Proxy Votes” must be submitted on the appropriate form, which is available from the foyer or Administration Office.

All proxy forms must be handed in immediately prior to the commencement of the Annual General Meeting.